As we all celebrate World Environment Day today, it's an important reminder for us to save our planet like never before. With each one of us hit by global health calamity followed by the recently occured cyclone Nisarga, it's important to realise that it's high time we all come forward to do our bit for the nature. Every year on June 5th, we witness our governments and celebrities urging citizens to focus their efforts on a pressing environmental issue. Inspiring us with her positivity yet again, we have Tahira Kashyap Khurrana who has now shared a special video talking about the environment. In her video, the writer-filmmaker has shared five different ways in which we can make a difference on an individual level.
The multi-talented lady can be seen talking about how we must not just preserve the environment but our health as well. Amongst her five tips to stay in sync with nature, the first one is to not litter the streets by throwing garbage anywhere we feel like, instead only dispose it off in a bin. Second important message which she conveys is to not destroy plants and rather do some gardening at home by trying to grow some veggies. Thirdly, she tells how we can achieve a lot at home by saying no to plastic and adapt to glass and wood for our everyday necessities. She also suggests to stop wastage of food by not hoarding a lot of groceries in these challenging times when many are dying of hunger. Next, Tahira suggests to go green by including a lot of veggies in our everyday diet since it benefits both, the environment and the health. And lastly, she suggests to cleanse our mind and internal self because we are who make the environment and we need to protect the species called "Human Beings". Khurrana focuses on how we need to be happy and maintain our calm by staying patient.
Opening up about the same, Tahira Kashyap Khurrana said in a statement, "Seeing the current situation and the world we are living in right now, it's pretty much the reflection of the causes that we have created in the past. We have a tendency to think that we and the environment are two different entities but I feel it's time we realise that our environment and we are one. In order to have a better future, devoid of global warming, floods, viruses and cyclones, we need to make the correct causes in our present. This is why I thought to share these quick tips which are very doable. It's something that each one of us can accomplish.
Taking inspiration from Tahira Kashyap Khurrana's special video, we must all strive to preserve not just the environment but our species as well. Let's all come together to truly make this world a better place to live in for all of us.

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