Music video ‘Iss Qadar Pyaar Hai’ becomes blockbuster during this corona epidemic and lockdown, well-known singer Ravindra Singh has expressed his soulful experience through music. With his melodious voice, he has given a melodious performance of giving life back to the lonely streets of India, which speaks of his charming voice.
 The world is witnessing a lockdown due to COVID 19. Ravindra Singh has sung a cute romantic song 'Iss Qadar Pyaar Hai'. He has also sung devotional songs like ‘Hey Govind Sab kya Karo' and emotional songs like ‘Suna Suna’
Ravindra's passion for singing and music is also seen significantly in his previously released songs.
 This time his songs have filled hearts with joy and love. During the lockdown, he has always been singing and motivating the people around him. He said that people are living strongly, people have to stay safely in the homes to avoid getting infected by the deadly virus.
 I love nature and the music video released earlier has natural scenes filmed, many of the actors and audiences performing with me are in constant touch to keep those moments going.

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