Kartik Aaryan is used to breaking the internet with his dance numbers and his dance challenges. Right from his Dheeme Dheeme dance challenges to Pungi dance, the hunk had managed to make people dance to his tunes and make social media a strong medium to connect to his million of fans. But in the last few days, the way he has used the power of social media and the power of his mass-popularity is truly commendable. The actor took to his social media to shoot a video, to spread awareness about Coronavirus, with a fiery monologue. Today that video is one of the highest viewed videos on Instagram and has more than 10 million views within 24 hours and still counting.
Kartik Aaryan’s rant against girlfriends went viral when it was released , but this time he emphasized on the importance of social-distancing and rattled off the dos and donts in the times of this pandemic. The youth icon shared the message in his own way and this has made the youth understand. Right from talking about how it is unsafe to go in public places right now to going for long drives, Aaryan just explained everything in barely two minutes and got the nation rooting for him. Not only this but his self-made hashtag to spread awareness, #CoronaStopKaroNa started trending on social media, and has become a hashtag used widely in relation to Corona.
The viral video was also shared rapidly on all whatsapp groups as it was truly worth a watch on loop. Kartik’s this video has garnered a Crore views alone on Instagram and still counting. This is surely no mean feat, as some of the biggest superstars also don’t achieve this kind of views in such less time. When the message is right, results are surely evident, we must say! #CoronaStopKaroNa is one trending video that the entire nation is watching and is making everyone follow the heartthrob’s footsteps.
Kartik Aaryan’s urge for people to beat Corona Virus continues, he is still posting on his Instagram stories to stop stepping out and gather in masses. The heartthrob of the nation is truly proving to be the pride of the nation in such difficult times.

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