Taanashah is loosely based on the life events of famous bandit Shiv Kumar Patel or Dadua. Shiv ruled the jungles of Bundelkhand uninterrupted for 28 and more years and by the time he was killed by STF in 2007, he had control over 14 MLA seats and he virtually decided who would rule UP next. The dreaded outlaw had evolved a powerful ecosystem with innumerable beneficiaries and no one dared go against him.
In the film's fictionalised story Shiva, an uncomplicated man, finds himself in a vortex of desperate and miserable life after an act of mindless violence by the demonic village Thakur. Shiva takes revenge by killing him and his clan and soon after joins the gang of a deranged dacoit Raja Rangoli. He, however, is not happy with Raja and breaks away from him to form his own gang. Once on his own, Shiva’s might and reputation grow exponentially and to take advantage of his popularity, or notoriety, one  wily politician Jagat Prabhu seeks his favour and wins the election. Jagat Prabhu’s win initiates Shiva into the corridors of political power.  Shiva’s story finally turns out to be a clash of aspirations. It is a tale signifying futility of violence as a means of dominance and power. The irony of Shiva’s story is, even the mighty system would  have failed to get him and dismantle his empire, had he not been betrayed by a man he so deeply trusted.
The initiator of the film and playing the lead role of Shiva is Dilip Arya. Dilip comes from a humble background. His father was a stonemason who died when Dilip was hardly 7 years old. The tragedy led his mother to work as a farm labour and Dilip also, to support his family, took the job of a daily labour. Later, he acquired the skills of tailoring to raise his earning and worked as an assistant with a local tailor in his village Amauli. Dilip, however was far more ambitious and had a dream of becoming a famous actor. So he went back to school and completed his studies despite all odds. After his post graduation Dilip joined Bhartendu Natya Academey in Lucknow. He also has experience of working with Act One theatre group in Delhi. Taanashah is Dilip's first film and he has done more than justice to a very challenging role. So much so that he has already bagged best debutant actor award in Lonavala International Film Festival much before the release of the film.
Taanashah is directed by Ritam Srivastav, again a debutant, but with eight years' of working as an associate director with Prakash Jha, the renowned director and producer of many critically acclaimed and commercially successful films. Ritam is a skillful craftsman with an impressive style of narration who is capable of taking the best out of his actors and technicians. 
Almost all supporting characters of the film are experienced stage / film actors and each leave an indelible mark with outstanding performance.
Taanashah is technically as well finished as any big budget film. It has been edited by Prashant Naik; sound design is by Rakesh Ranjan, Cinematography by Hari Nair and Its production designer is Jayant Deshmukh. The film has already bagged five awards in different festivals and has received 100% response whichever Festival  it has been entered.
It also must be mentioned the film wouldn't have been possible without the support of Rizwan, Rehan, Milan, Salamnuddin and Sanjay Malik, They did not only provide finance for the film but contributed significantly in its shooting, post production and marketing. One of the producers Mukesh Srivastava is also the writer of the film.. 
The film is distributed by Israr Ahmad of Screenshot Media and Entertainment Group.

Dilip Arya - Shiva
Laura Mishra - Rama
Indraneel Bhattacharya - SP Ajay Sinha
Jeetendra Shastri - Raja Rangoli
Ravi Khanvilkar - Minister
Vinod Nahardih - Doctor
Manoj Joshi - Sukhlal
Pranay Narayan - Insp Jamal
Tanmay Ranjan - DSP Ranveer Singh

Director - Ritam Srivastav
Writers - Mukesh Srivastava, Akhilesh Jaisawal, Akhil Choudhary, Ritam Srivastava
DOP - Hari Nair, Sharan Velayudhan Nair
Editor - Prashant Naik, Abhishek Ranjan
Sound Designer - Rakesh Ranjan
Music Director – Pravesh Mallick
Casting Director - Parag Mehta
Art Direction - Shambhu Nath, Ritesh Jadhav
Production Designer - Jayant Deshmukh
Action Master - Hiralal Yadav
Costume Designers - Narendra Singh, Subodh Shrivastava, Khushboo Banerjee, Renuka Sharma
Post Production - After Play
Producers - Frame to Frame Ent. Pvt. Ltd. Malik Movies, Rizwan Ahmad, Rehan Ahmad.
Released by - Screenshot Media Entertainment Group

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