Megastar Aazaad, a brilliant student of the military school and aSanatani nationalist filmmaker, is in London these days. He is ready for the world première of his classical cinematic work Aham Brahmasmi. It is noteworthy thatMegastar Aazaad's cinematic timeless creation Aham Brahmasmi, which speaks of Indian civilisation, divine culture and the pride of Sanatan India. It is being seen as a mirror of India's resurgence of cultural nationalism. Already, writer, director and actorMegastar Aazaad and his creationAham Brahmasmi have received the historic response of Sanskrit and culture lovers in the cultural and spiritual capital of India, Kashiand the capital of India, New Delhi.
After the immense success of World History's first mainstream Sanskrit film, Aham Brahmasmi, the International Brand Ambassador of Sanskrit Megastar Aazaad is doing the World Premiere of Aham Brahmasmi in London. By doing this, he is doing historical dedicated work to bring the glory and dignity of India to every corner of the world. In thousands of years of slavery, the Islamic invaders and the British made every possible effort to end India's eternal and divine culture and the language of gods Sanskrit but the nationalists Sanatani filmmaker Megastar Aazaad has decided to revive Mother Bharti's splendor again, vibrant and advanced. Crores and crores Mother Bharati’s sanatani offsprings are saluting their hero of cultural nationalism with great pride in their hearts. Bravo Megastar Aazaad.

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