Mumbai: With 3 days left for the grand finale of MTV Ace of Space 2, the season is getting more challenging for the remaining house guests. The fight for the finale is in full steam.
Rashmi Jha has reached the finale week with her superb dedication and conduct inside the house. Fans and viewers have showered their love on her. Rashmi's conduct inside the house is drawing love from ex-contestants of the show as well.
Ramiz Siddique who was a part of this show, as well as Love School Season 4, also came all out in the support of Rashmi Jha. Speaking on the occasion he said "I see her to be the most positive human being in the house. She is very well behaved. She is not into conspiracies and playing games like other contestants. I hope that she wins this season. My vote will go to Rashmi." Deepak Thakur and Khushali Vyas who are out of the house are also seen supporting Rashmi Jha.
Other celebrities like Rashmi Desai, Aanchal Khurana, Rose Sardana, Mukul Harish, Singer Snaver Singh, Navin Ramani, Samyuktha Hegde, etc. have praised Rashmi's conduct inside the house. The mastermind Vikas Gupta himself has praised Rashmi on several occasions and called her the Priyanka Chopra of Ace of Space 2.

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