Mumbai: Aaagaaz Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in the cinema industry since early 1960’s is one of the front runners in the film distribution business essentially founded by Late Amarnath Tiwari. Aagaaz Entertainment today announced the launch of ‘Aagaaz Music World Pvt. Ltd.’ in presence of dignitaries Mr. Neeraj Tiwari, Ajay Soni, Dilip Soni & Prashant Jammuwalla with much fanfare in Mumbai. Also seen at this delightful do were reputed personalities from the music industry who came in to congratulate the owners and extend their support to fellow singers & musicians.
To elevate the tone of this musical and magical evening a step higher, Aaagaaz Music World Pvt. Ltd. released four debut songs with music videos to enthral the audiences and satiate excited fans. All the four Hindi songs belong to romantic genre and are easily relatable; with each song having a different mood & feel with appealing music videos directed by Aman Nautiyal.
The first song ‘Jaha Bhi Main Jata Hoon’ is picturised on Baaghi fame actor Saurav Chakrabarti and Model Amrita Mane, sung by singer Amit Gupta with lyrics penned by Mohd. Jameel Qureshi and fabulous music composed by Shailendra Sayanti.
The second song ‘Munda Different’ is voiced by singer Maanki with catchy lyrics put together by Jatinder Badshapuria and Punjabi beat music by B Anmol.
The third song ‘Tujhse Dil Ki’ has vocals by singer Shahid Mallya written by Mohd. Jameel Qureshi and music rendition by Shailendra Sayanti.
The fourth song ‘Tu Mera’ is a beautiful duet by singers Deepak Chandra Upadhayaya & Anita Singh Chauhan with heart-touching lyrics by Shambhavi Srivastava and music by the male lead singer himself.
While music lovers are in for a treat; for Aagaaz Music World Pvt. Ltd. this is just a massive beginning with many more projects already in the pipeline.

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