What Dhanno is to Basanti, Hassu’s rickshaw is to him and here’s how?  Its been reported that Chandan Roy Sanyal has bagged the lead & titular role in an environmental sci-fi web series titled Hawa Badle Hassu, where he will be seen riding around in a rickshaw. Hassu is a good Samaritan and crusades against air pollution He is an agent of change and counsels his passengers on the issue while engaging in light hearted banter.
Hassu certainly practices what he preaches. He uses CNG, the least polluting fuel and it doesn’t stop at that, his auto is unique in many ways just like himself. It is influenced by the environment and designed to remind everyone about a balanced ecosystem. Hassu’s auto has a personality which comes from the quirky but relevant elements he keeps in his thoughtfully designed Auto. It’s a statement, a moving Installation of his mission as a crusader. The production turned a regular rickshaw to Hassu’s rickshaw by adding never seen before elements. Hassu’s eco friendly auto features an air quality meter, oxygen spray, a green terrace and a Hassu Bob head.
Talking about riding this quirky vehicle lead actor Chandan Roy Sanyal said, “Oh Hassu’s rickshaw is whole new world altogether- its a one of its kind space. It has plants, oxygen cylinders and what not. Look at the irony though ! and this I would say for all rickshaw drivers not just for someone like Hassu. An auto-driver  is the  biggest victim of Air Pollution everyday for 12 hours at his  workplace yet who as ordained, rides the least polluting (CNG) vehicle? This is why Hassu is an agent of change. The one who suffers the most is the one who can bring about the change”.

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