( Agriculture Growth Summit 2nd Edition – Market Linkages
Actively contributing to the conferences like Agriculture Summit 2019 which promises to solve the issues pertaining to the farmers and market linkages )

Mumbai : Companies like Mahindra Agri Solutions, Omnivore are looking forward to their active participation in promoting the agricultural sector of the country. For the same, these companies are investing in the sector and are also participating in the knowledge sharing platforms like Agriculture Growth Summit 2019, which recently took place in Mumbai and witnessed more than 50 agri start-ups and 100 industry leaders.
Talking about the Agriculture sector. Mr Jiten Shah, Digital Head, Mahindra Agri Solution, shared, “We need to create a farmer’s database at national level and try to integrate it with everybody so that farmer needs the necessary input requirement and support requirement needs and that is where technology and innovation plays a major role. Doubling farmer’s income is going from a green revolution to income revolution. We need to shift our focus from green revolution to income revolution, when we have this mindset changed it will add value to every farmer in terms of doubling farmer’s income slowly and steadily. Second piece where what i believe is major prudential required is discovery of science to discovery of delivery. The science needs to be delivered to the farmers. That is where digital, science and technology needs to come together and play the important role.  ”

Another company which is also aggressive for agriculture sector is Omnivore. Talking about their Agriculture Finance & Risk Management Mr. Jinesh Shah, Founder, Omnivore, said “Any person who is starting something new in the industry or in the country, should figure out how to use talent beyond the entrepreneur and start up, lot of people are stuck with the thought that they want to start something in the agriculture but they don’t know how to scale up. In last 3-4 years you see lot of investors who see agriculture as an asset and it has become more interesting than ever. We need to have good pool of talent trying to grow up as a start up since it’s a very non glamorous sector”  
 Both the companies came forward on a common platform of Agriculture Growth Summit 2019 recently held in Mumbai, organized by E3 Integrated Pvt Ltd.

Talking about the Agriculture development in the country, Tushar Maheshwari, Founder & Director, E3 Integrated said, “India’s agriculture sector needs development of entrepreneurship that utilizes technology and innovation to realize the true potential of the segment. The revolution in technology thanks to mobile networks, broadband internet, cloud platforms, artificial intelligence and open data can play a vital role in transforming the Indian agriculture segment especially in far flung areas of the country. Agriculture and related sectors like dairy production form the backbone of the Indian workforce and there is a need to create new opportunities for both seasoned and emerging entrepreneurs.”

Agriculture Growth Summit 2019 was attended by Honorable
Minister of State Textile, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development and Fisheries Maharashtra Sh. Arjun Khotkar Ji, and speakers like Mr.prashant Patil CEO Mera Kisan, Mr. Amit Mittan Country Manager Agroy Group India, Mr. Prasad P AVP YES Bank, Mr. Sachin Nandwana Director Big Haat, Mr. Ashish Khetan Indigram Labs, Mr. Bhaumik Shah Head of India Operations Precision Agriculture for Development and Mr. Deepak Pareek CEO My Crop, who is  also Moderator for the sessions.

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