Acting is a magic and an actor is like a magician . As an actor it’s my job and responsibility to make a character (penned by the writer) alive onscreen or in theatre. Sparsh Sharma feels that if audience remember him by his character’s name then his act as an actor is successful. Currently he is doing 3 movies with Veer Narayan who has been an associate director of SS Rajamouli. He believes that it’s the work that speaks on behalf of an actor and he is highly positive and optimistic about his upcoming projects.
Well, Once you will see Sparsh Sharma’s latest released movie Battalion 609 and the way he has portrayed the character of an Indian Soldier “Jassi” , he truly deserves lots of accolades, appreciations which he has got from the audience and the critics.

Q: Do you remember any memorable incident about Battalion 609
A: I was watching Battalion 609 amongst audience and once the movie got over, the audience has started shouting “Jassi Jassi” after seeing me amongst them , they hugged me and told me that we are in love with your character “Jassi” , it was really a very emotional, satisfying and memorable moment for me , I will always cherish it and I was pleasantly surprised when my own friends and the people who know me as a person started calling me “Jassi “ after seeing the film .

Q:How difficult was the character Jassi
A:The character of Jassi was the most trickiest and most interesting character as it had many shades . Portraying Jassi was really tricky as he is making audience laugh and entertaining them by his comedy , by his dialogues or by trying to mimic the famous dialogues of veteran actors or even by the cute love b/w Jassi and his love interest “Bijli” portrayed by Farnaz Shetty . I would consider this as the success of my character Jassi that while Jassi is an Indian soldier he continued to entertain the audience by his comedy while maintaining the dignity of the Indian army. Portraying Jassi was really challenging for me.

Q: What sorts of roles are you looking forward in future?
A: I believe in method acting , I simply want to do the challenging roles , those roles which are opposite to me as a person . The roles that gives me mental pain and torture, you see it’s a process . Getting into the skin of the character and portraying it effortlessly takes hell lot of efforts and as an artist , I thoroughly enjoy this process infact I love it. Speaking the dialogues is not acting , I feel. It’s the subtext that’s the most important and in every character that I have portrayed so far , be it theatre or movies , I try to get the subtext right and to implement it appropriately. Jassi touched the heart of audience because I got the subtext right.

Q: how did you became an actor
A: it’s a long story, will share it some other time (laughs, gets serious) ok, let me try to summarize it as short as possible. By the age of 17, I had already cracked examinations like NDA, Engineering , polytechnic, JBT etc etc but I wasn’t happy, I didn’t know what exactly I want to do , so I did self-introspection and while doing self-introspection , I recall an incident while I was hardly 3 years old and the cult movie “Deewar “ of Mr. Amitabh bachan was coming on Television. There was huge crowd of neighbours at our home and suddenly one neighbour asked me “bade hokar kya Banoge “ and I instantly replied “ Main bade hoke uncleji jaisa banoonga” . Now that 3 year old kid wasn’t aware that “the uncleji is none other than Amitabh Sir and whatever he was doing is called acting” but he did know that he want to be like him and come on TV.
The moment I recalled this incident , I knew that I am destined to become an artist and here I am ,sitting in front of you and giving interview (smiles)
Q: So you want to be a star like Mr. Amitabh bachan
A: No no, I am not running behind stardom . You see Mr. Bachan is the millennium star and reaching to that level is very very difficult , even if I achieve the 10% of success that Mr. Bachan has, I will find myself as fortunate . And at the end of the day, I am an artist and want to remain an artist . I feel that “Stardom is temporary but Art is Permanent “

Q:  That’s deep , tell us something about your struggling days ?
A : (sighs) I have had my own share of struggles to reach where I am today. I will share it some other time but yes I do want to say that I have always tried to enjoy my struggling days which made it little easier for me to struggle , Actually I won’t stay it my struggling days , I put in this way that “I was exploring myself, exploring my craft and kept sharpening my skills as an artist and I will continue to do it till my last breath”

Q: That’s philosophical
A: yes and I truly mean it (smiles)

In the end Sparsh Sharma gives all the credit for his success to his mentors Mr. Satish Anand, Dr. Jaidev Taneja and his mother.

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