The craze to be a part of the film industry is such that it makes an aspirant leave everything else and be drawn towards it. When the acting bug bit the typical girl from Rajasthan, she managed to convince her folks at home and reach Mumbai. Well! Annsh had to struggle for sometime but she did manage to be a part of some music videos and ad films.
These days, Annsh is quite excited about being a part of her next project. It is her single called Bepanaah Mohabbat in which she has played the romantic lead. A Fimi Productions presentation, the music video Bepanaah Mohabbat is being produced with co-operation by F.M .Music Factory. Annsh will be seen in it with Sumein Bhat. Faizal Suleman has written and sung the song which has been composed by Faizal and Manu (kalrav Manu Sarojwal)
Annsh, who belongs o a middle class family used to be a sports player in her childhood and loved to play badminton. She has played the game many times from the time she was in Standard 5 to the time she was in Standard 12. You will be astonished to know that Annsh was a player of badminton on national level.
 When Annsh enrolled herself in her college, she started taking part in all the cultural activities. She began with participating in dance programmes and used to dance at every function in the college and was popular to the extant that she was hailed as the Shakeera of the college. Annsh was such a fanatic who was mad about dancing that she even started training each and every member of her family in training.
 When Annsh was watching TV, she used to dream of being a part of it. She had even convinced her father with great difficulty to let her pursue a course in animation. She has spent three years in Mumbai and has been a part of several music videos and ad films but has not acted  in TV shows as she was not at all inc lined to act in TV shows and is keen only  acting in films and has given quite a few auditions till date for films.
Annsh is very keen on acting in story based music videos and feels that it is very necessary to have a lot of patience to survive in the film industry, especially since no one knows when success will embrace him or her. Annsh is very excited about Bepanaah Mohabbat, which she says is a romantic album. Annsh who is thankful to Sumein Bhat for the music video, says that a few more singles of hers are slated for release soon in  the market

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