Bollywood actors go to several lengths to bring authenticity to their roles and Rajkummar Rao is certainly no exception! 

The versatile actor, who will be seen playing an interesting role in his forthcoming horror-comedy Stree, has taken preparation to another level.
Rajkummar is quite excited about Stree being his first horror-comedy and to make his character appear and sound relatable and convincing on screen, he has been spending time with the locals in Chanderi (Madhya Pradesh) to get the right dialect and proper mannerisms for his role.
A source says, “Rajkummar takes his roles quite seriously and does proper homework before starting work on his films. Stree is a unique project for him and he doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned as far as his character is concerned. Doing so, the actor has interacted with the locals in Chanderi, where the first schedule of the movie was shot.”
Rajkummar says, “Getting into the space of a horror-comedy like Stree is quite interesting yet challenging. Also, it was great to interact with the locals of Chanderi to pick language nuances and their mannerisms for my character. It was a great learning exercise.”

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