Rekha has been recently shooting for a Hollywood television series, Be Great!. She is Pretty much Excited and happy to be a part of the Television Series which is going to showcase true stories and also the fact that the series is very inspiring.

 Rekha saw early potential in 'Be Grea!t' , so she expressed her interest in bringing the show to India as the first potential franchise country. Rekha Rana also attented the launch party of television series as an ambassador representing India.
Rekha Rana says, "Taking a break from the typical talk-show format, short scripted interviews from a desk, news heavily influenced by big corporations, and the general negativity that is saturating media today—we bring a fresh concept showcasing true stories and energizing content that will leave people inspired and empowered."
  Be Great!’s segments include a blend of lifestyle activities, grassroots interviews, education and entertainment. Get to know people and hear their unscripted stories in real-life settings. Learn different lifestyle tips while exploring the balance between life’s four quadrants: health, wealth, spirituality, and relationships. Spotlighting individuals, events and organizations that are doing positive things around the world. 

Post by Santosh Sahu

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