India’s postergirl for fashion, Sonam Kapoor, was recently invited to be guest judge on Project Runway, Middle East, the Arabian version of the successful American TV show Project Runway.
Donning a black Elie Saab gown, Sonam joined fashion moguls like Elie Saab, Afef Jnifen and Youssra as special guest on the show.
The fashion icon was invited by Elie Saab , whose she’s known for over a decade to work with the MBC Project Runway team, right from the creative conception to the judging stage.
Talking about her experience shooting for the show said Sonam, “The Middle East is bubbling over with incredible fashion talent and I had a chance to be part of the MBC Project Runway first hand. When Elie Saab invited me as guest judge I happily obliged. I know Elie for more than a decade now. I have been wearing his creations since I was 22. I think our aesthetics match perfectly. We both love combining beauty, drama and elegance. “
Sharing details on the episode she was part off adds Sonam, “Each celebrity guest announced a new challenge that requires the designers to develop one or more pieces of new clothing to be presented at a runway show. The point of it all is to test the designers' creativity while maintaining their personal fashion design aesthetics and showcase it within a limited budget and time.”

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