" Balle Balle", is a  musical, and as the name suggests, makes you want to stand up from your seats and participate throug hout, in this Big Fat Punjabi Wedding!
The grandeur of this Broadway style musical is apparent as soon as the curtain is raised, be it in the field of costumes, props, light effects or visuals. Everything is awe inspiring.
Balle Balle has been directed by Viraf Sarkari and produced by Sabbas Joseph, Andre Timmins and Viraf Sarkari.
The 48 artistes of this musical  have danced effortlessly and sung  25 popular Bollywood songs, live. So much so that one cannot  help but dance and tap ones own feet  in unison to their beat and rhythm. 
All the artistes have done complete justice to their respective roles in the musical. But here, I would bring special mention to a few of the cast members who have shone on the stage. Shona Sharma, has  captured the hearts of all who have seen this musical. Just by her sheer genius of bringing to us the fun filled, natural, delightful and very loving portrayal of Nisha Singh, the younger sister. Shona Sharma's performance on stage is brilliant, and leaves us wanting to come back for more. 
Amishka Sood  has also done an excellent portrayal of the seductive, sexy aunt. One cannot help but fall in love with her mischievous mannerisms. 
Rajiv Mishra and Yuvraj Bajwa, as the Colonel, Girish Sharma as Bittu Kapoor and Jamila Khan as Pummi Kapoor, all leave their marks in our hearts, long  after the final curtain call. 
Balle Balle is a must see for the entire family. It's a ' feel good' musical which will make you come out of the theatre with a smile on your face and you'd want to continue the experience with a shout... " Oye Balle Balle"....

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