We have seen many films in Indian Cinema which are related to religion and casteism .There is a connection of religion and caste in films like OMG – Oh My God!, My Name Is Khan , PK. Although these films do not have any direct connection to politics, such films have given rise to political turmoil. There is another film which is gearing up for release soon titled ‘ Game Of Ayodhya ‘ that is based on the one of the biggest issues in our country related to “Ayodhya”.The subject of the  film is related to Ram Mandir and Babri Masjid issue which has already given birth to political debates. ‘Game of Ayodhya ‘ cited as a controversial film, was banned on 27th January by the Censor Board. However, FCAT had cleared the film on 29th September and the film finally released on 15 th December 2017. 

    Directed by Sunil Singh, the film showcases a unique Hindu Muslim love story in the backdrop of the Ram Mandir and Babri Masjid controversy. A press reporter in the film does a mistake while reporting about this Hindu Muslim Love Story amidst riots which leads to turbulence all over. However, after realizing his mistake, the journalist in the film even thinks about apology. Director Sunil Singh himself portrays the role of this press reporter in the film. 

   The fact remains that there is unity and peace amongst the people in Ayodhya. The Hindus and Muslims in Ayodhya have lot of respect and admiration for each other and in real life they even get married. In spite of unparalleled unity between them, some political parties try to ignite the fire of discrimination amongst them which leads to Hindu- Muslim riots. The reason behind these riots is the hidden political agendas of the parties. The film features Sunil Singh, Makarand Deshpande, Abhay Bhargava,Arun Bakshi, Savita Bajaj, Milind Gunaji and Ehsaan Khan in the main lead. Arun Bakshi is playing the role of a Muslim librarian. The film is Produced by Saroj Entertainment and Executive Producer is Bhushan Agrawal.

By - S K De

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